Several Traveling Tips With Children

Traveling with children surely makes you dizzy. Along the trip, you have to be ready and patient. That is why, most people do not like traveling with children.However, if you have known the traveling tips with a family, including with children, you can create unforgettable memory and experiences. If you want to do traveling with your children, the following are several tips for you.Before you leave your home, let your children pack their own luggage. You can decide what clothes they should bring, but let them choose their own favorite clothes. Also, do not forget to pack their special toys, sweets, bubble gums, small towels, tissue papers, books, papers, and seal plastic bags.Before leaving your home, you should also fix over immunization like vaccine of hepatitis B, rabies, typhus, and hepatitis A to all family members. If you go abroad, you should look for additional vaccines to your destination.Meanwhile, when you are in airport, you should provide sufficient time to check in, and also time between connecting flights. Make sure to arrive in airport earlier to prevent the delay time in last minutes or if you are confused in flight security rule. You should also plan safety planning if one of your family members is accidentally separated in airport.Also, tell your children about the screening procedures before entering safety checkup door, so they are not afraid of it. They should know that the procedures must be followed seriously.In flight, give your children some seats that fulfill the new security standard. Even, The Federal Aviation Administration (USA) recommends children that have weight less than 40 pounds to sit in special seats for children or baby. The best seat for them in a flight is the first rear of economic class or you can seat them between two adults. Also, do not let them walk alone without your control. Thus, you should stay wake up or often take a walk with them.To keep your children sitting close to you, you can order the seats before. If you cannot do that, you can ask air crew in airport. So, he or she can ask another passenger to change of his or her seat.You should also bring mineral water in bottle to drink and moisturizer to prevent your skin from dryness while you are in flight. Bring also bubble gum and nipples to reduce air pressure to their ears, and various toys in your bag to attract them.However, if you travel by car, you can make the trip exciting by bringing some blankets and pillows. Stop regularly in the rest place and make sure that you have brought papers, pencils, toys, song CDs, and their favorite books. The most important thing is engaging them in this holiday.For the safety of your trip, you should have some information about transportation and call numbers for urgent condition. You may provide every member of your family with mobile phone or walkie-talkie to facilitate you and your family to communicate every time.If your holiday includes the trip to swimming pool, sea, or water park, you should not let your children explore by themselves. Even though they can swim, they should use thrower. Also, you should make sure the contents of water because you should avoid them from the chemical substances, jelly fish, and cold temperature.Bring the wide hat and moisturizer to protect them from sunlight. Bring also the medicines you need like diarrhea medicine, analgesic, insecticide, antihistamine, and band aid. For the use of them, consult it to your doctor.Meanwhile, to prevent you from contaminated water, just drink mineral water or use boiled water to mix milk and juice.Overall, any problem can happen, but afford to create exciting nuance along the trip to give your children impressive and unforgettable holiday.